Mural update - Jan 2014


The Mural created in 2011 which has been on display since May of that year, was badly affected by

the storm on 5 Dec. 2013. We decided to take it down and replace it with a montage of exactly the

same picture, but on a more durable fabric. There are several of these “montages” in Hoylake and

Meols all created by the same very expert team of Peter and Barbara Singleton and Mike Waring.

We still have all the original tiles (except one – see strange story below*) and will be very happy to

give them back to their owners or creators. We will be even happier if those same people would be

willing to chip in towards the new montage. The likely cost is expected to be in the region of £250.

*When we were clearing up in the Gardens after the storm, we saw that the bottom left tile was

missing. Garry Watson from Tanskey’s told us he had it – but... it wasn’t from our mural! It was a

picture of a boat on a square just like the ones used in our Mural. Can anyone shed any further light

on this mystery?

Happy New Year to all our supporters. Gentle reminder too that subs are due.